About Me

hi – i am so happy you're here.
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Hello! My name is Peyton Drift. Born and raised in Montgomery, New Jersey for the last 20 years of my life has made me the person I am today. I attend Saint Joseph's University in the BEAUTIFUL city of Philadelphia where I major in communications and minor in advertising and promotions and art.I designed my website in a way that speaks to who I am as a person showcasing my work that I have created during my last three years. I will be updating it frequently so check back soon!!

Vertical photograph of a 20 year old girl standing in the doorway of a light gray building. The door is a very light shade of blue with a gold door handle with a white trim around it. On the top of the door there is a light that is black and white. The girl in the photo is Peyton Drift, she is smiling and has brown, short hair to her ears.She is wearing circular sunglasses, a polka dot jumpsuit, and a tan purse. This photo was taken in Spetses, Greece by Alexis Loffredo.
My Reflection