Part 1.

Being able to have a website that speaks to who I am as a person is something that I aspired to create in the beginning of the semester. When you stumble upon my website you immediately see a photo of me that captures my personality which perfectly ties to the color scheme. I remember creating the design persona in the beginning of the semester and questioning how I was going to be able to put my “brand” onto a website. I wanted to create a page that was lively but not overwhelming in a simple aesthetic. As I navigated through my coding journey I was constantly checking up on my design persona because I wanted to produce a website that correlated to it. I can confidently say that I created just that and my page will hopefully bring a sigh of relief to viewers when they stumble upon it. My website correlates with emotional design through my index photo and color scheme which really work well together and are essentially speaking words without actually using words. Throughout my entire website I stuck to all of the colors on my design persona which allowed the website to flow. These colors speak to who I am as a person making it easier to understand and better get to know me as a creator and designer.

Part 2.

Thinking back to how I felt after the midterm I was still a bit shaky. I was still trying to better get to know html and css therefore a lot has changed since then. Self doubt always comes with trying new things and there were definitely moments where I did not think I was going to be able to continue. If I were to add anything to my website it would be to figure out how to incorporate my instagram posts onto my about page. I think this will allow people to get to know me further and show off some of my passions outside of strictly school. Obviously my website is not perfect and there are always room for improvements- but I happy with what I have now. Everything is always a “work in progress” and I will be continuing to perfect my site on my own time.